Vox Ignis specialise in the design and manufacture of specialist audio products for the fire and disabilities markets.

We specialise in combining Disabled Refuge, Fire Telephone and Assist Call on one single network offering savings over separate systems.

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A Fully Integrated, Distributed, PAVA, VAD Driver, Fire Telephone

Disabled Refuge System and Emergency Assistance Alarm

Latest Installation News


Cartwright Gardens - Intercollegiate Halls latest accommodation building installs Lexicomm EVCS Disabled refuge and Assist Call Alarms for UoL, UCL and LSE students.

Featuring 22 Networked panels and connecting 96 type B Outstations and 64 Accessible Bedrooms to two Master Handsets.

Hilton Hotel Bankside - Premier Hilton site in South London installs Lexicomm EVCS Disabled refuge and Assist Call Alarms.

Featuring 10 Networked panels and connecting twenty five type B Outstations in three protected stairwells, alarms from fifteen Accessible Bedrooms and eight Accessible Toilets to three Master Handsets.

Ikea Reading -Ikea installs Lexicomm EVCS Disabled refuge and Assist Call Alarms.

Featuring 5 Networked panels and connecting type B Outstations, IPB outstations and Accessible Toilets.

Central Square Offices Leeds-High specification office building in Leeds centre installs 13 combined Type C outstations and 16 Fire Telephones linked to three Masters Handsets on a six panel network.


Latest Product News:


Unicorn Voice - New PAVA & Fire telephone

ViLX-OSB - New type B Now available

ViLX-ILB - New type B with AFILS Now available

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LX Commander - PC GUI Now available P

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